Upcoming Studies

Prayer Class:

Do you want to learn how to communicate better with God through a daily lifestyle of prayer?  If so, indicate your interest today on the sign-up sheet in the Lobby.  This will be a 6-week class taught by Pastor Rob, beginning on Sunday April 15th.  Location and time of the class will be announced next Sunday.  
Sessions include: 
1.  How to establish a relationship with God and understand why He desires to have a relationship with us through prayer.  
2. Understanding how our prayers truly make a difference in life.  
3. Moving our prayer life from the "ought to" to the "want to." 
4. Putting together a general framework of prayer that we can follow daily.  
5. How to Pray - understanding the three different levels of prayer.  
6. Discovering three areas of the mature Christian life that are critical to effective prayer.